Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Tanda Teaser 35 - All Of A Piece!!!

Good morning........Sheila here.
Sorry I am a bit late posting the new challenge today......I!!!
Anyway the challenge today is to make a card using just one piece of patterned paper to make all your layers and embellishments.
You may add other things such as brads, ribbons etc but the main focus of the card should be things made from just the one sheet of paper .
I have used a paper called Sweet For You by Around The Block and have added two layers to a white card blank. I have then stamped and embossed two flowers, punched a daisy for a centre and then fixed them together with a brad. I also added an edging of silver lines.


Anonymous said...
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Ann Whitfield said...

Hi Sheila - here is my entry for this week's challenge. It's an ATC holder instead of a card but otherwise complies I think so I hope it's still ok. Your sample card is gorgeous
Ann x

Ann Whitfield said...

Sorry Sheila it would have helped if I'd added the link to the above post!!

Rainbow Lady said...

A very quick and easy card here for this challenge ladies. Sorry but busy sorting out to go south to a family funeral.
Thanks for having a look and for the challenge.
Love Cynthia x

done by den said...

Hello Sheila, great challenge, you can find my offering here:-

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

Great challenge Sheila - my effort is here:-

Jules {Creative Makes} said...

Hi Sheila, I hope you don't min me joining in.

I must admit to finding this challenge really difficult, and I'm not happy with the result but thought I would show willing and show you.

You can see my effort here