Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Tanda Teaser 152 - Rosa Sine Spina

Thanks to all who made time to join in on and off the Forum! We had some great entries this week!

The Tanda Teaser this time is called 'Rosa Sine Spina'! In other words, a Rose without thorns....(this is what Queen Elizabeth I liked to be known as) at which point the rose became quntesentially English. So you guessed it we would like to see cards with a rose somewhere as this challenge is all about roses!

I've been reading up about roses in the complete language of flowers to see what meanings are attributed to the rose....Generally we all think of the rose as a symbol of love...but did you know that a yellow rose symbolises the decrease of love and infidelity? There are other subtle variations too.....

White Rose - Purity and Spiritual Love
Cabbage Rose - Ambassador of love
Musk Rose - Capricious Beauty
Single Rose - Simplicity

Hope I didn't bore you there...just thought it was interesting...

There are no restrictions on what you use, you do not to have to use Tanda stamps - you don't have to be a stamper either, just use whatever you have in your stash in whatever style you fancy!!

Have fun with this one, post your work on your blog and mention the Tanda Teaser with a link. Then leave a comment with the static link to your direct post. We would love to come and check out your creations!

If you do not have your own blog - check out the Tanda Stamp Forum. There is a Gallery and section for people to do the challenge Forum based!

On this week's sample card I have used the rose border from Tanda Stamps Art Deco set 1 and a resized floral lady from the same set.

Looking forward to checking out your entries!


ineke said...

please .. remove the first comment..
it is an sex commercial..

Here's my card!

Zoechaos said...

Oh dear think you have another dodgy posting here might be time to turn moderation on?

My Roses are now on my blog. Have fun

Peggy said...

Great Theme!!! Here is my card

Hazel said...

My rose torso is here x