Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Tanda Teaser 172 - Steampunk

We had a great response to the last Tanda Teaser, thank you for sharing your cheery Get Well Soon Cards and related projects with us here on the Tanda Blog.

With everyone getting into the Steampunk genre I thought would be good to set a Steampunk teaser. Tanda have some great stamps to go with this theme.

The Teaser will again run over the next two weeks. There are no restrictions on what you use, you do not to have to use Tanda stamps - you don't have to be a stamper either, just use whatever you have in your stash in whatever style you fancy! Have fun with this one, post your work on your blog and mention the Tanda Teaser with a link. Then leave a comment with the static link to your direct post. We would love to come and check out your creations! If you do not have your own blog - check out the Tanda Stamp Forum. There is a Gallery and section for people to do the challenge Forum based!

For this week's sample, I have used the train stamp from Tanda Travel set 1.

As always I look forward to checking out your entries!Have fun!


Zoechaos said...

Nice one Sue surprised myself with this it is not what was in my mind at all!

Donna said...

I'm not sure what a steampunk is?

sue law said...

Hi Donna,
This might help but lots of cogs, watch parts grunge and all things Holtz seem to fit the bill.

Meikoningin said...

Here are my steampunky gears :)

sam21ski said...

A bit late this week but here is mine.

Sam xxxx