Monday, 12 February 2007

What is an Inchie?

What is an inchie? An Inchie is a 1" square of art. You can decorate it as you wish. Stamping, embellishing and colouring in any way you choose. On the reverse you write your name and the month and the year - not much room for anything else! Inchies are the current craze among crafters with various swaps taking place all over the place. The current TandaStamps inchie swap is currently in progress where you have to create 16 inchies to any theme you choose. This current swap closes on February 28th so if you want to join in hurry over to the Inchies Section of our Craft Forum. Many thanks to Angel (Burnice) for hosting our Inchie Swap.

The above images are inchies that have been created the for the above swap. The inchies on the left were created by Possum and the ones on the right by Lilybaby, I am sure you will agree that they are both fantastic works of art!

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Tehachap said...

How cool. Many thanks for the explanation. I've seen them before, but wasn't sure what the rules were for creating.

Carol Westover (aka Tehachap)