Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Tanda Teaser 69 - Don't Trash It, RECYCLE!

Thanks for the Teaser last week Wendy - there were some really cute cards both on the forum and on the blog! I hope you guys on the forum are checking out the blog and visa versa!

The Tanda Teaser this week is called 'Don't Trash It, RECYCLE!' Now you don't have to do leaves out of coke cans like me...a ribbon off a box of chocs....a bit of a card from last christmas....who knows just something that you have rescued from the bin and thought...."oh I could use that for something!"...and what crafter doesn't!!!lol!....In fact I don't want to see leaves THIS week...hint hint...read on!

There are no restrictions on what you use, you do not to have to use Tanda stamps - you don't have to be a stamper either, just use whatever you have in your stash in whatever style you fancy!!

Have fun with this one, post your work on your blog and mention the Tanda Teaser with a link. Then leave a comment with the static link to your direct post. We would love to come and check out your creations!

If you do not have your own blog - check out the Tanda Stamp Forum. There is a Gallery and section for people to do the challenge Forum based!

Oh by the way I'm thinking of starting my own personal blog....and would be grateful of any tips, hints, who should I go with....etc etc....blog users advise welcome!

For this card I have used the Bur Oak Leaf stamp from the Tanda Leaves Set 1 (Sml)....In case you didn't get the hint earlier...if you order this set now you will get it in time to create something awesome for Wendy's Challenge next week...Have to say....please trust me when I say tanda don't pay me for this!....these stamps are absolutely lovely!...I'm using them again next week!

Hope you all enjoy this challenge...if you want to make the card above yourself or something similar check out the projects on the Tanda web site as Alex will be adding it very soon.

All I can say is I hope you have a really good time with this....think out of the box....etc...etc..



Beryl said...

Just two tiny leaves in the corner!
Here's my card using a recycled cardboard box.
Beryl xx

vintage wil said...

what a beautiful card !!!
great image.