Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Tanda Teaser 66 - Just For You!

The Tanda Teaser this week is called 'JUST FOR YOU'! A really easy one this week - make a card for someone just for being who they are. We don't need occasions to cheer someone's day up so let's make a card and send it to someone just to let them know we appreciate them!

There are no restrictions on what you use, you do not to have to use Tanda stamps - you don't have to be a stamper either, just use whatever you have in your stash in whatever style you fancy!!

Have fun with this one, post your work on your blog and mention the Tanda Teaser with a link. Then leave a comment with the static link to your direct post. We would love to come and check out your creations!

If you do not have your own blog - check out the TandaStamps Forum. There is a Gallery and section for people to do the challenge Forum based!

I have used a stamp from the TandaStamps Art Nouveau Girls Set 2 for my example card from the gallery.

warm wishes
Wendy -x-


Ann said...

oh ********* I've just finished my significant number card and was hoping you would be late posting the new challenge...
Not to worry that will teach me to leave things till last minute. I will have a go at this one EARLY!!
Ann xxx

Ann said...

As promised an 'early' entry - have linked this card with another challenge in an effort to keep up with everything!!
Here is my autumnal 'just for you' card..
Ann xxx

Denise said...

Nice challenge yet again & The image you have used is one of my favourites Wen, my card is blogged here:-

Anne said...

Here's mine x

Anne said...

I made this before I saw your challenge, but it seems to fit the theme just right, hope that's ok :)
Here's my card

Susan (Sue H) said...

I've just finished off my card for this week challenge and it's on my blog

She said...

Hi there. Great challenge. here, hopefully! is the link to my entry!
my card

Thanks for looking.

Irene said...

Wendy, here is my card for your


Ellen said...

I like just for you or just because cards. so much nicer to receive them out of the blue

mine are here