Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Tanda Teaser 83 - "Handbags at Dawn!"

Thanks for the challenge last week Wendy - I hope that you are feeling better now, I think this flu thingy takes a while to get over so I'm wishing you a speedy recovery!

The Tanda Teaser this week is called 'Handbags at Dawn!'

There are no restrictions on what you use, you do not to have to use Tanda stamps - you don't have to be a stamper either, just use whatever you have in your stash in whatever style you fancy!!

Have fun with this one, post your work on your blog and mention the Tanda Teaser with a link. Then leave a comment with the static link to your direct post. We would love to come and check out your creations!

Don't worry if you do not have your own blog - check out the Tanda Stamp Forum. There is a Gallery and section for people to do the challenge Forum based!

On this week's example card I have used stamps from the Tanda "Dress it up Diva" stamp set designed by Tassycrafty.

Hope you enjoy the challenge and look forward to seeing your interpretations!


Ann said...

Love the title - I really love the Tanda Teasers as you come with such fun titles ect. Will hopefully get on to this one. Sounds like it should be two cowboys with a handbag in each hand - don't think I have that stamp though!!!
Ann xxx

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

Great challenge Sue - my offering is here:-


Susan (Sue H) said...

I couldn't join in last week because I didn't have a suitable stamp but I'm fine this week

Here's My Card

Susan (Sue H) said...

Hi Sue,
I couldn't find a way of replying to you so I hope it's ok if I do it here.
Thanks for your lovely comment about my cards, it’s much appreciated.

The distressing gismo that I mentioned in my post is The Tim Holtz Paper Distresser. Basically it’s a round blade in a protective case. All you do is run the blade up and down along the side of your paper or card.

You can see what it looks like Here
…..just scroll down a bit and it’s on the Right.

sue law said...

Thanks Sue, I think I shall have to keep a look out for one at the next NEC hobbycraft show!

Denise said...

Nice challenge yet again, here is my card:-

Beryl said...

Couldn't get the link to work on the last try so here's giving it another go. My card is:-


Beryl xx

Tassy said...

This is so cute! It is always exciting to see what people make of the stamps you have designed.I started blogging again since a few months and I am here to stay even though I have my good and my bad days.WIll try and be more regular on the tanda teaser as I meant to do them and will try do some videos on those stamps too.Take care and thanks for dropping by my blog.

varun said...

nice range!!Shawls and Scarves